☆ Cut Out Club! ☆

Germany/Austria Tour 2017 starting today!

Cut Out Club is coming directly from Israel to bring their Rock cocktail to the lucky ones of us living in their tour-selected-cities in Germany and Austria.

Today they are playing in Mainz (Germany) before stopping by in Berlin next Thursday where they will play at the Badehaus Szimpla venue.


Katapult is going to be there to catch their vibe and to have a chat with them. We are interested in getting to know how would they define their music and to know their expectations about this tour.

By now, we can say they have an interesting sound full of rock, new wave sounds, well combined lyrics compositions, great saxophone and guitar arrangements and we are sure that their sound live should be way more than what these words can explain.


What about their album art? It´s just amazing! It brings us back to Pollock´s type of paintings, very impressive, strong and emotive.

This concert is organized by the brand new project called Berlin Kultur Lab, which is there to support local artists and to share cultural events through their marketing network. Well, we hope we get the chance to experience more of these quality events soon.

Cut Out Club is here! Find out how you could get tickets for their next concert TOUR DATES

Stay tuned for our concert review next Friday!

Images credit: Cut Out Club and Berlin Kultur Lab


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