Mammal Hands… explosive and meditative brought together!

Rhythmic and hypnotizing loops, Jazz Sounds, World-Music influences…

Mammal Hands is one of a kind. A unique music project. A platform based on hypnotizing and complex harmonic repetitions decorated with explosive individual performances by Nick Smart on piano, Jesse Barrett on drums and tabla, and Jordan Smart on saxophones.


We were lucky enough to be part of a very intimate concert from Mammal Hands in Badehaus Berlin which gave us the opportunity to enjoy their second Album “Floa” released almost one year ago.

This Trio’s sound is definitely a music jewel.  A concept that gathers three talented musicians with different music approaches. The three of them put together combining jazz, electronic music patterns and world music influences; resulting in an extraordinary and impressive sounds’ exposure.

Mammal Hands have been working hard on composing music constantly. First record “Animalia” was released in 2014 and perhaps the end of 2017 surprises us all with a new album.

Listen to what we experienced live with Mammal Hands:

Would you like to find out more?

Photo credit: @dasistkatapult (except front image courtesy of Mammal Hands)



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