°°° Shanti Powa °°° Live in Berlin

And the word “live” has now another meaning thanks to the Peaceful Warriors!

Last 28th of April, during their SPRING / SUMMER 2017 Tour,  Shanti Powa played live in Berlin to bring us a one-of-a-kind music project coming from the northernmost part of Italy.


It is mostly about reggae, hiphop, ska and rock in about 4 different languages. It is about performing with your soul and sounding unique. It is about bringing a solution to our social problems through joy, creativity and MUSIC.

Shanti (Inner Peace) Powa (Power through peace), invites us to shout out “SHANTI” and to scream as loud as we can in order to achieve a feeling of peace. They invite us to dance and sing along. They invite us to use our creativity, human reason and MUSIC as our weapons to fight the social injustices, to bring back love to mother nature, to live our lifes.


The band will be touring Italy, the UK and a couple more nights in Germany as part of their promotion for their second album. If they are stopping by at your hometown, do not loose the chance to join the Peaceful Warriors’ squad!

Möchtest du mehr erfahren?

Shanti Powa (Katapult)


Shanti Powa Facebook

Danke an Bertrand J. Risé für die Einladung – Grazie mille fratello!


Foto: @dasistkatapult



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