:: Marcus Miller ::


06.11.2017 // Huxleys Neue Welt

“Marcus Miller – a two-time GRAMMY Award winner and UNESCO Artist for Peace – is not only an exceptional musician – a multi-instrumentalist and world-renowned bassist – but also a highly-gifted composer and producer.” -MarcusMiller’s Facebook-


Er gab uns eine magische Nacht, in der Jazz und Funkmusik seine Hauptwerkzeuge waren, um jeden zu bezaubern, der sich zeigte, um die Kunst einer Legende in der Geschichte der Musik zu genießen.

Das hier ist unser Fotobericht…



“…duly fortified and deeply inspired, Marcus Miller returns to composing and exploring new music of his own with a sharper focus than ever before… a mission to travel the world – country by country, city by city, venue by venue – to take the message of this musical movement straight to the hearts, souls and minds of the people.” -MarcusMiller Website-


photocredit @dasistkatapult




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