(Painting Series)

Part 1 (1-4)


Splash! was born as a creative relief without rules or patterns. An expression form without goals or intentions but to paint.

This collection represents the author’s will to create, to paint, to express, to transform some time alone into something creative, to use colors as part of his everyday life, to believe that art is reachable and that anyone is capable of experiencing an artistic creative way of life.

The whole collection consists of 26 unique pieces using the same technique (throwing colors) and material (drawing paper, oil-acrylic paint).

Splash! is a random authentic not arranged expression.






2 thoughts on “Splash!

  1. Wow! ich bin sehr beeindruckt! – mich fasziniert das Zusammenspiel der Farben. Außerdem ist wunderbar wie ausdrucksstark jedes Bild seine ganz eigene Stimmung lebt.


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