The Cat Empire – Live in Berlin!

Our weapons were our instruments…!

With these lyrics, among others, The Cat Empire captivated the audience that enjoyed their concert last week, 27th October, at Huxleys Neue Welt concert hall in Neukölln in Berlin, Germany.

“And battles
They happened in these dancehalls
See we’d rather fight with music
Choosing when the rhythm warms
Battle at these shakedowns
And we battle at these gigs
We do battle in our bedrooms
Made some sweet love to the beat”

The Chariot – The Cat Empire

During their second show in Germany, presenting their newest Album “Rising with the Sun”, there was nothing else than joy, smiling faces everywhere, dancing people all together and good vibes all around.

This year’s Tour consists of several shows around North America, Australia and Europe and Germany is the lucky one this time by hosting 8 out of them, which makes it the most played european country during this Album’s Tour.

If you know The Cat Empire already, you know what to expect when attending one of their concerts. If you are still hesitating whether or not to attend one of their shows, you just need to listen to their live album “Live on Earth” and prepare yourself for a band that describes itself as a party band. Nevertheless, try not to fall into this Cliché-Trap and let your ears and eyes discover a band built up by talented musicians accompanied by a great sound and scenography production.



One last advice…

If you get to discover where the band will be enjoying some after-show drinks, just go for it and let yourself discover the great human beings inside each and every member of The Cat Empire (thanx Will, Ollie, Felix and Jumps for sharing time, jokes, personal experiences and a couple of beers with us).

We want to thank Rhianon and James from The Cat Empire’s PR and Management. You guys are the best! Thanks for letting us having a closer approach from the band!

Don’t miss out our Interview with The Cat Empire’s drummer Will! Coming soon!

Vielen dank an Kathi Wagmüller ( für deine Unterstützung. Ohne deine Hilfe könnten wir ja gar keine Tolle Erlebnis haben!

Keep a track of the following concerts from the band at:


“My mouth it’s got a great big smile
that shows some great big teeth
to friends it brings a happiness
and to enemies it means defeat”

Two Shoes – The Cat Empire



One thought on “The Cat Empire – Live in Berlin!

  1. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great experience!

    Tolle Vorband
    Wahnsinns Konzert
    Wundervolle, interessante (‘echte!’ ;)) Menschen stecken hinter dem ganzen


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