The Cat Empire

– European Tour 2016 –

Coming to Berlin next 27th of October!


After realising their 6th Album (2nd one independently) called “Rising with the sun“, The Cat Empire is back in Europe and will make a stop in Berlin to show us why this album has been #1 in different charts in Australia.


The Cat Empire is a band that not only makes great music but also amazing live performances. Their live gig is an opportunity to experience a couple of hours full with good vibrations and a great music talent performance by each and every member of the band as well as a great quality combination of music genres that will make an unforgettable night out of it. That’s why we’re going to be there, that’s why we want to meet them and interview them, that’s why we want to write about them and keep on listening to what they are playing.

So what we recommend you to do is, first of all, listen to The Cat Empire’s album -Live on Earth- to get an impression of what we’re talking about. Second, share this post, share the word about the band and see if they are going to play next at your hometown. Third, wait for our next post related to the band where we’ll be publishing the concert’s pics and our interview with the band.

For us, the chance to listen to them will come next 27th of October at Columbiahalle in Berlin, Tempelhof featuring Tinpan Orange as the opening act.

Thanks for reading, thanks for sharing!


Want to know more about the band?, fb. thecatempire, tw. thecatempire…

Is the band visiting your city and you want to enjoy them live?

We would like to thank Rhianon Damas from the band’s management! Thanks, gracias, danke, ta foreva, grazzie… Without you and your great engagement this wouldn’t be happening!

Danke an Kathrin Wagmüller von für die Erleichterungen um unsere Arbeit besser und einfacher zu machen!

Photographs courtesy of “The Cat Empire”

Text and edition @Katapult


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