Vita Bergen

Succesfully playing in Berlin!

Vita Bergen played tonight at Lido Berlin and gave us a concert full of energy where each and every one of their musicians showed us how dedicated and motivated they are.

In spite of their delayed beginning, they were able to catch everyone’s attention since the first song. Attending one of their concerts is a guarantee of a very good indie-rock music experience where you might identify some known influences spiced up with phsychedelic sounds. It’s a great music experience, a surprise, a relatively new band which is making things right.

With just two albums out there and a new release last december with the title “J”, Vita Bergen is touring Germany and some parts of Europe not for the first time and surely, not for the last one. The band is participating in some festivals and we are sure the venues will get bigger and crowded. See where are they going to play next (On Tour).

Vita Bergen is made up by William Hellström vocals, Robert Jallinder guitar/vocals, Bénédicte Piauger violin, Andreas Jallinder guitar, Gustaf Gunér drums, Jakob Kullberg and Hampus Bergh on keys.

You want to know more about Vita bergen? Just click here



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