Scream of the Butterfly: Live

In Badehaus Berlin

“Scream of the Butterfly” played last Thursday at Badehaus Berlin as the -Aperitif- for The Wake Woods band  at the Newcomersnight Vol. 2 event organized by in Berlin.

And what an explosive and full of content project was this appetizer.

SOTB it’s in about to release their debut album (next summer), their career is starting and it’s going all the way to the top. They simply played the best Rock’n’Roll this evening. It’s actually a great surprise to know nothing about this band and leave their concert totally satisfied of finally listening to a band that’s following the correct and powerful directions of rock.

The band is conformed by Glauco at drums, Sergej at bass, Rich at vocals, keys and hammond and Mazz at guitar. They are perfect for each other. This combination is a music bomb. Following this band’s career and music is a MUST.

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